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Election Day was yesterday. When will we know the results? Citizens are accustomed to having the presidential election “called” on the evening of the first Tuesday in November or early in the morning of the next day. One candidate concedes; another claims victory. 

But election night results have never been official results. These results are predictions based on analysis by experts working for the news media. Every state has always made its official results known in the days and weeks following the election. Why? Because every vote counts and every vote must be counted.

Across the country, almost 100 million people voted before November 3. (In 2016 a total of 136.5 million votes were cast.) What great news! We are looking at a record turnout.

But please remember, although we are anxious for results, a complete and accurate count is far more important than an election night projection.

Read more about how votes are counted in New York.

Contact us at LWVCooperstownBoard [at] if you have more questions.

Have a Problem at the Poll? See a Problem at the Polls? Please Call the Hotline!


Spanish 888-839-8682 // Asian 888-274-86863 // 
Arabic 844-925-5287

Call if you
  • have questions regarding ID requirements, 
  • see incorrect information regarding polling place
  • have questions of eligibility, name not in poll book
  • see a voter denied a provisional ballot or has cast a provisional ballot
  • see incidents of voter intimidation waiting in line
  • see incidents denying voters access to poll site


Listen Now

     Candidates Debate: 
     121st  New York State Assembly District     
       Debate Synopsis:

  • Daniel Buttermann, Jacob Cornell, and John Salka(the three candidates vying for the New York State’s 121st District Assembly seat) met in an online debate  on Monday, October 26, 2020
  • Debate sponsored by The LWV of the Cooperstown Area & The LWV of the Oneonta Area.
  • Watch full debate now.




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 -Learn how absentee ballots work in NYS 2020

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